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As written by Sport Fishing Magazine:

“As our 35-foot center-console rode the big Caribbean swells, I couldn’t believe I had actually pulled off my escape from the snowiest winter ever recorded in New England. Just two days earlier, on February 15, I had been gazing at the barren, wind-blasted tundra purported to be Boston’s Logan Airport, where the temperature was so cold it had caused the tow bar of our plane’s pushback tractor to snap like a strand of uncooked spaghetti. As the crew waited for a replacement tractor to arrive, an entire jetload of dejected passengers was thinking the same thing: We shall never leave this cursed land!


Yet here I was, with friend Jonathan Craig, heading toward bluewater adventure off St. Thomas and St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The six- to eight-foot seas heaving beneath the hull were a parting shot from the big storms that had pummeled my home coast nearly every week since mid-January, but we didn’t mind. For once, it wasn’t snowing.

‘This has been a particularly rough winter for us too,’ acknowledged Capt. Jonathan Gatcliffe, who, along with mates Tyler Maltby and Glenn Charlett of Double Header Sportfishing, had picked us up in St. John’s Cruz Bay. Like ripples expanding in a pond, swells generated by winter nor’easters in New England often extend to the Caribbean, creating heavy surf along the islands’ north-facing shores and stirring up the inshore waters. Fortunately for Virgin Islands fishermen and visiting anglers, there are plenty of options, especially if you have a big center-console at your disposal.”


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